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Quarterly Voice Highlights from BEC – Q3 2016


Welcome to BEC’s quarterly newsletter!


Eleanor WilsonIn this edition we are excited to showcase our brand new case study and video with Raleigh, which outline how the company has transformed its warehousing operations thanks to a new WMS Voice Solution from BEC and Honeywell Vocollect!


In addition, BEC has recently secured one of its largest hardware deals in its company history, thanks to a recent contract win with long-term business partner Malcolm Logistics, one of the UK’s leading providers of logistics services.


On the subject of hardware, you’ll find details about a last minute offer for Honeywell products and services that should not be missed, whilst our section on industry developments explains how voice technology is not just designed for warehousing and distribution applications.


I hope you enjoy the read!


Modernising the Warehouse Puts Raleigh Ahead of the Pack


Model with Raleigh BikeAsk anyone in the UK to remember their first bike and the chances are that one brand is mentioned more fondly than any other – Raleigh. The company is one of the most successful bicycle brands in history, stretching back to its foundations in Raleigh Street, Nottingham, in 1885, and growing to become one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of bicycles and accessories in the UK and around the world.


For many bike fans, Raleigh is adored for its iconic Chopper, Mustang and famed ‘Banana’ road bike from the 1980s, which is now a sought-after collector’s item amongst British hipsters. Raleigh’s pioneering designs and reliability have kept it at the forefront of the bike business for decades. In order to keep pace with its flourishing e-commerce business, Raleigh undertook a project to transform its warehouse into a faster and sleeker operation.


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Raleigh Achieves 99.9% Stock Accuracy Levels Thanks to New Voice Picking Solution from BEC


With over 125 years’ experience in designing high quality, innovative and market-leading bicycles, Raleigh is a globally-recognised name in cycle manufacture. When the company needed to automate its paper-based warehouse management and picking system, it selected a voice and scanning solution from BEC. The new solution has drastically improved all order processing, picking, packing and replenishment operations across Raleigh’s parts and accessories warehouse.



BEC Secures One of its Largest Hardware Deals in its Company History with Malcolm Logistics


Malcolm Logistics LorryBEC has recently secured one of its largest hardware deals in its company history, thanks to a recent contract win with long-term business partner Malcolm Logistics, one of the UK’s leading providers of logistics services.


A division of The Malcolm Group, Malcolm Logistics provides fully integrated road, rail, warehousing and bonded warehousing services throughout the UK and has a long-established focus on operational and service quality which has earned a strong reputation within the industry.


With strategically placed distribution centres providing 24-hour vehicle scheduling, Malcolm Logistics’ intermodal service offers the end-to-end distribution of products through road and rail integration. Its warehousing facilities encompass 5 million square feet of warehousing space spread over 10 locations, 3 of which are rail-side, while the business also manages considerable warehousing activities at a number of customers’ locations.


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Are you looking to invest in Honeywell products in the near future?


FinanceDue to the volatility of the EURO/GBP exchange rate, Honeywell has increased its GBP pricing by 5% as of 1st October 2016 on all hardware and services.


But it’s not all bad news!


You can still order Honeywell products and services at the pre-increase rate, as long as your order is shipped before 1st November 2016.


Any order shipped after 31st October, including back orders, will be subject to the new 5% price increase.


So make sure you place your Honeywell orders with BEC as soon as possible to ensure you receive your shipment before the end of October.


Please contact your BEC Account Manager for more details.


Voice-Directed Technology is No Longer Just for Warehousing and Distribution


Vocollect Maintenance and InspectionsTraditionally, voice-directed technology has been used for picking and replenishment tasks within warehouses and distribution centres. More recently, thanks to pioneering technology from Honeywell VocollectTM, voice-directed solutions are now being employed in new markets such as maintenance and inspections, where workers carry out the same repetitive business processes and duties on a daily basis.


Modern voice solutions enable businesses to standardise workflows by providing strict prompts for information, which enforces compliance with servicing and testing processes. As all technicians consistently perform the same steps, the risk of essential checks being missed is eliminated. This in turn improves customer service, productivity and accuracy, whilst simultaneously reducing labour and maintenance costs.


With real-time access to key metrics, businesses can also track accountability, quality and speed, whilst gaining detailed visibility of site operations thanks to voice solutions.


To discover how voice-directed solutions can refine the your service and testing business, call BEC today on +44(0)1254 688 088.


Q3 | 2016



Ensure your new Honeywell products and services are shipped before November


The price of Honeywell products and services is increasing by 5%, but orders shipped before 31st October will be available at the old list price.


Call BEC on 01254 688 088 or contact us to learn more.


Video Focus


Combining Voice and Scanning Technology


See how BEC’s eSmart® solution is enabling Raleigh to race ahead this season.


Watch the Raleigh Scanning and Voice Technology Case Study Video

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