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Quarterly Highlights from BEC – Q1 2016


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Eleanor WilsonIn this edition, we are excited to showcase our sweet case study with HARIBO, which outlines how the company has transformed operations thanks to a new WMS Solution from BEC.

As well as the launch of BEC’s new eSmart Voice WMS solution, you can see how the benefits of voice-directed technology are transcending traditional warehouse picking and replenishment applications for use in other market segments.

And, with a new focus on hardware, you can discover how Zebra’s game-changing TC8000 mobile computer is revolutionising worker productivity.

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HARIBO Transforms its Warehousing Operations Thanks to a New WMS Solution from BEC


Newsletter-2015-Q4-HorsewareFounded in 1920 as a family business and now run by the third generation of the Riegel family, HARIBO is one of the most recognised and enjoyed confectionary brands in the world. With multiple manufacturing locations throughout Europe and employing almost 7,000 people worldwide, HARIBO entered the UK market in 1972 and now employs over 700 people.

Due to continuous growth, which has seen HARIBO reinforce its position as the UK’s leading gums and jellies brand, a new 30,700m² factory in Castleford has recently been opened by HARIBO to compliment the company’s existing factory in Pontefract

HARIBO was previously using a paper-based system to record stock movement and stock levels, which was time consuming and difficult to manage efficiently. When it became clear that the company needed to improve upon its stock administration processes and introduce enhanced functionality such as real-time reporting, it started to look for an alternative solution.

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BEC Launches New eSmart Voice WMS for Complete Door-to-Door Voice Solutions


Voice Activated Picking WMSBEC is pleased to announce the launch of its new eSmart Voice WMS Solution.

Created with fast-paced, customer-centric enterprises in mind, the solution enables everything within the warehouse to be controlled by voice technology, helping warehouses to be managed more efficiently and effectively.

Combining BEC’s proven industry-leading eSmart Warehouse software platform with Honeywell Vocollect voice technology, eSmart Voice WMS delivers a powerful, scalable, flexible and dynamic voice solution designed to eliminate inefficiencies within the warehouse.

With the ability to seamlessly integrate with any host business system, the eSmart Voice WMS solution is built entirely around voice technology and has been designed to streamline mission-critical applications, maximise throughput and provide real-time, accurate information on all warehouse processes.

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Pushing back the frontiers


Phil JarrettVoice-directed technology is broadening its reach beyond traditional warehouse picking and replenishment applications by clearly demonstrating the benefits it can offer a range of other market segments, writes Philip Jarrett, director of sales & marketing at BEC.

The technology first began to be adopted within warehousing operations some 20 years ago, and it has continued to be increasingly used for picking or replenishment tasks within warehouses and distribution centres (DCs). Indeed, over the past two to three years we have seen the expansion of the use of Voice for a number of additional transactions or applications within the warehouse – including put-away, stock moving and stock accounting. Voice’s growing popularity and levels of implementation is perfectly understandable when one considers the benefits it affords – including increased productivity, better time management and greater levels of accuracy. Moreover, because Voice applications are hands- and eyes-free there are also added health & safety benefits to be had.

As well as observing and being involved in the increasing use of Voice within the warehouse or DC, BEC is also witnessing a growing interest for Voice in less traditional applications such as servicing and testing, manufacturing and package distribution.

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The Revolutionary TC8000 Mobile Computer from Zebra


Ideal for retail, manufacturing and warehouse management, the new TC8000 Mobile Computer from Zebra is a state-of-the-art device. With its breakthrough ergonomic design and an extensive list of productivity-enhancing innovations, the TC8000 can make workers 14% more productive. It’s like gaining an extra hour of productivity – per worker – per day!

Zebra TC8000 Mobile Computer

  • Makes users 14% more productive
  • Increases efficiency on every scan
  • Increases typing speed by up to 40%
  • Slashes typing errors by up to 60%
  • Decreases muscle exertion by 15%
  • Reduces wrist motion by 55%
  • Angled design reduces the need to ’tilt & verify’


Fully compatible with our eSmart Warehouse software, the TC8000 is the most efficient, feature-loaded mobile computer on the market today.

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