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eSmart® Tracker

eSmart® Tracker

Accurately Monitor Inventory and Utilise Key Assets Effectively with the eSmart® Tracker Asset Management Solution

The efficient use of key assets directly influences finances, productivity and customer relations. When faced with ever-decreasing margins, companies can reduce costs by ensuring that their assets are running at maximium efficiency.

Track and Manage AssetsThe eSmart® Tracker system is a robust asset management solution that enables you to make the most of your host business system. It supports the monitoring and control of assets on multiple sites, asset maintenance and the ability to track assets and people within your business and the distribution network.

Combining fixed and mobile readers with asset identification technology, eSmart® Tracker works directly with your back office systems. The data capture solution provides reliable, real-time updates of asset location, usage and availability.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Avoiding the need for the time-consuming stock checks associated with paper-based systems, eSmart® Tracker supports real-time inventory management, by simplifying your stocktake processes.

Asset Use and Utilisation

With full control over your company’s assets, you can use eSmart® Tracker to monitor asset utilisation. The asset management system identifies which assets are in use and automatically allocates free resources to a job, whether the assets are fixed, roaming, plant, machinery or human.

Asset Maintenance

BEC’s eSmart® Tracker enables you to automatically schedule maintenance for your fixed and roaming assets, so you can be sure that they are operating at top efficiency. With the ability to support scheduled and unscheduled asset maintenance, eSmart® Tracker minimises costs and enables the effective planning of delays and downtime.

  • Tracks people, inventory management, fixed and roaming assets
  • Monitors asset utilisation and provides accurate data on the usage of key assets
  • Improves resource allocation by redeploying assets to other areas for more efficient utilisation
  • Supports operating efficiency of key assets through scheduled and unscheduled maintenance

In conjunction with our strategic partner Spirit Data Capture, we are also able to offer a common mobile solution platform. Easily extendable to grow with your business, the platform can be stand-alone or hosted on a dedicated physical or virtual server and can be customised to meet your specific needs, allowing you to:

  • Deploy a wide range of mobile applications quickly and easily
  • Streamline your processes and optimise the efficiency of your mobile workers
  • Save time and money whilst boosting your productivity