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The need for accurate reliable barcodes is increasingly important in the supply chain. Properly considered and deployed barcode systems can dramatically streamline warehouse processes, increasing throughput and cutting time spent resolving errors. From EAN product codes to GS1 compliant shipping labels, BECs team of GS1 certified consultants have the skills and expertise to provide the correct combination of hardware, software and services to achieve your supply chain goals in harmony with your ERP system.



Consistently readable barcodes are critical to the success of your supply chain. Poor quality barcodes on your product or shipping labels inevitably lead to increased costs, either in terms of productivity losses when shipments are obstructed from flowing through the supply chain, or in the more direct form of customer fines, resulting from barcodes not being read by the recipient’s systems.

If a barcode fails to scan, Operators are forced to manually enter the human readable barcode data. This can take up to 5 times longer to key the data than it does to scan a barcode. Productivity is reduced and naturally the manual data entry method introduces the opportunity for data capture errors.

Over the years, international ISO standards have been developed to set the benchmark for barcode quality and readability. Barcode verification is used to measure and grade the quality of the final printed barcode. The analysis is carried out to the international standard ISO/IEC 15426 and can be used to diagnose any problems with the printed quality of your labels. The ISO standards ensure barcodes can be read consistently at all stages throughout the supply chain, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.

BEC’s team of GS1 certified barcode specialists have the skills, knowledge and experience to guide you to the appropriate barcode solution for your business. From the physical production of barcodes, to harnessing the power of GS1 standards, streamlining logistics processes or enhancing product traceability, BEC has the knowledge to help steer your business towards leveraging the full benefits of barcodes and GS1 standards.


eSmart® Logistics Labels


Automated Goods Receipt Software


eSmart® Logistics Labels is an automated goods receipt process utilising GS1 compliant Logistics labels and wireless, barcode handheld terminals. The software interfaces to the customer ERP System and automatically verifies that shipment contents match what the ERP system expects in the shipment.

Certified GS1 standards:

  • GS1 Identification Keys: GLN, GTIN, SSCC
  • Bar code symbologies: GS1 128
  • Label: GS1 Logistics Label (STILL)

All GS1 bar codes were verified using the latest verification standards (based on ISO/IEC 15416 Bar Code Print Quality Test Specifications) as detailed in the GS1 General Specification.

GS1 Certified Solution GS1 UK has certified this solution following a defined and consistent process to ensure conformance to the latest relevant published GS1 standards. BEC (Systems Integration) Ltd confirms that all the information presented here is true and correct as of the 6 July 2011.

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