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eSmart® Automation

Automate Production to Boost Throughput, Efficiency and Order Accuracy


Faced with ever-decreasing margins and growing competition from mass-produced items, companies need to ensure that their production processes are running at top efficiency. Automating the production line, increases accuracy and productivity, and removes cost from your business, enabling you to redeploy staff to other areas.



Unlike error prone manual processes which require human intervention, eSmart® Automation eliminates human error and its subsequent costs. The solution captures data directly from your production line assets, processes it, and communicates it directly to the host business system, which in turn sends communications to assets and captures data from production processes.


By streamlining production, eSmart® Automation provides your decision-makers with instant, real-time updates of key processes. With faster checking of production data, you can ensure improved accuracy and quality in order fulfilment and planning.


The machine integration feature of eSmart® Automation enables you to automatically configure production line assets and close gaps in production. Seamlessly integrated with your existing production line equipment, eSmart® Automation supports a number of features including item counts, to checking and verifying the proper barcode is printed in the correct position on the right packaging. eSmart® Automation can also be used to assess contents match packaging and works order, control weigh scales, conveyors, cutting machine, robotics and direct print and apply machines.


BEC’s eSmart® Automation solution delivers real-time monitoring, visibility and status of your production line. With automatic alerts it saves your business time and money and helps avoid costly mistakes. With greater control over your production processes, and machinery, you can expedite processes and drive down costs on the production line.

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