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Voice-directed Maintenance and Inspection solutions

Managing the volumes of compliance documentation required for routine maintenance and inspection is a laborious process and highly inefficient. Typically, technicians have to enter their observations and findings separately to the actual inspection and maintenance procedure. It wastes resources and increases downtime.

BEC’s eSmart M&I voice-based maintenance and inspection solutions are purpose-built for efficiency, allowing you to run a better, more profitable service operation. By using voice technology to guide engineers through each process whilst working in a ‘Hands-Free, Eyes-Free’ environment, leading businesses have been able to elevate their documentation and compliance operations to levels never before attainable.

Benefits of Voice-Enabling Maintenance and Inspection Processes

  • Enhance compliance and operator adherence to inspection best practises
  • Streamline documentation by completing observations and findings in real-time, whilst performing the actual task
  •  Speed up training for new and existing technicians with easy to follow and intuative spoken voice prompts
  • Improve safety by enabling ‘Hands-Free, Eyes-Free’ operations at the point of inspection
  • Increase staff retention with an intuitive solution that motivates and enables technicians to be more productive

Maximise resource utilisation and efficiency

  • Using BEC’s voice directed maintenance and inspection solution reduces the volume of data entry required and avoids wasting time looking up information on laptops, handheld devices or paper manuals. Instead, engineers can speak commands and verbally input their findings directly into the system via a microphone enabled headset whilst performing the task. It saves time and significantly reduces operator data entry errors.


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