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eSmart® SFDC

Improve Shop Floor efficiency, accuracy & traceability at the process level and reduce costs


When faced with increasing competition, shorter production-to-market deadlines and lower margins, you need to remove cost from your business at the process level. The eSmart® SFDC (Shop Floor Data Capture) solution from BEC captures data directly from production line assets, giving manufacturing companies real-time control over data and individual job costings.



Using wireless data capture terminals to streamline data entry processes, eSmart® SFDC eliminates paper based data capture errors and their subsequent administration costs. The Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC) solution reduces the time taken to process data, and make the information accessible across your organisation.


ESmart® SFDC is tailored to your unique production processes, providing your business with the tools to get accurate, usable data directly from your shop floor. Providing full visibility of shop floor applications, you can monitor performance of key operations and personnel, as well as improve quality control. With immediate improvements in accuracy, efficiency and traceability, your business will be able to respond quickly and reliably to stakeholder enquiries.


Work in Progress (WIP)


Supporting the full range of WIP activities, eSmart® SFDC delivers increased stock handling efficiency. The module automatically triggers the issue of raw material to production and correctly allocates storage for WIP and finished goods. All transaction data is instantly verified against the production schedule, reducing wastage and providing real-time progress tracking and precise job-costings.


Time and Attendance (T&A) Job tracking


eSmart® SFDC enables you to accurately monitor production line statistics. If you need to know more about operator productivity, eSmart® SFDC accurately tracks the time individual operators spend on a job, from the instant they log onto production line terminals. There’s even the option to locate staff in real-time. With full support of time and attendance requirements, eSmart® SFDC enables payroll integration, helping you to reduce the time spent managing rosters, absences and staff scheduling.


Process Performance


The eSmart® SFDC software optimises the use of automated plant and preventative maintenance. Captured data is used to analyse key performance indicators (KPI) at the transaction level, resulting in improved planning and resource utilisation, in real-time.


Using historical records as comparisons for your KPIs, you can effectively manage labour hours, monitor unproductive down-time; and identify trends in productivity. The eSmart® SFDC software will also issue automatic alerts to managers when KPIs fall below expectations.


Quality Control


By removing manual data entry from the quality control process, eSmart® SFDC eliminates human error, saving you time and effort. The software standardises quality control, streamlining and automating the process. With real time updates to the host, eSmart® SFDC also supports failed stock re-grades, for improved accuracy and product consistency.


Manufacturing Traceability


The eSmart® SFDC solution empowers your business with comprehensive historical records of manufacturing data. Providing full manufacturing traceability, eSmart® SFDC records detailed information at each step in the process. With a complete audit trail from start to finish, you get precise information about individual tasks, which components were used and where they came from. The SFDC solution also enables you to identify when a product was manufactured, and who was responsible.


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