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BEC Adds Flexible Lease Purchasing Schemes to its Product Portfolio

Time & Money Image_Low ResBEC (Systems Integration) Ltd, a leading UK-based supplier of data capture solutions, has now added flexible lease purchasing schemes to its product portfolio.


This comes as BEC is celebrating 20 years in business, during which the company has boasted continual year-on-year growth due to the provision of market-leading technical expertise and solutions.


Backed by one of the UK’s leading financial institutions, the range of lease schemes covers the full spectrum of acquisitions, from the purchase of new, additional or replacement AIDC hardware, through to fully-tailored and complex solutions.


Stephen Marsden, Financial Director at BEC, explains “Our new lease schemes offer a number of tangible benefits for those of our customers who choose to pay for their AIDC hardware, software, consultancy services and support costs at a frequency that suits their business type – whether that be weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. With the ability to tailor the length of the lease agreements, payments can be treated by our customers as an operating expense, which are 100% enabled against taxable profits and which protect against adverse movements in interest rates and the effects of inflation. Also, with the capacity to add additional equipment at any time without penalty, customers will be able to renew the contract at the end of the agreement and replace existing equipment for new, or pay a one-off fee to have ownership of the equipment indefinitely.”


Offering access to a range of cutting-edge data collection products from market-leading vendors – including voice-directed technologies – BEC boasts a strong background in the food and beverage, manufacturing and engineering industries. As the UK’s largest independent Infor M3 integrator, BEC’s knowledge of a range of ERP systems also includes SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and IFS.


A specialist in providing a range of software solutions under the renowned eSmart Data Capture brand and with a notable list of customers which includes Kerrygold, Pilgrims Choice, Reynolds, Hydrasun, Delice de France and Sellafield, BEC’s clients currently vary from small and medium enterprises to blue-chip household names throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

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