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Up To 50% Discount on New Zebra Thermal Printers – Trade-Up Today!


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Up To 50% Discount on New Zebra Thermal Printers –
Trade-Up Today!

Are your barcode printing devices due for a refresh?

For a limited time only*, Zebra is offering up to 50% off** its range of printers when you trade-in your ageing thermal printers and trade-up to a brand new state-of-the-art industrial, desktop, mobile or card printer from their comprehensive range.

Why you should consider trading-up your legacy printing devices

Here are just a few reasons why having the latest thermal printing technology could make a real difference to your enterprise:

  • Maintenance & Support
    Do you know if your existing printers are still supported? Day-to-day printer maintenance can really impact on the productivity of your enterprise. Zebra OneCare gives you prioritised customer support, ensuring minimum down-time and the least possible adverse impact on your business.
  • Printer Management
    Many printer ‘populations’ have grown randomly over time, but you can replace multiple old printers with fewer, high-performance devices which are easier & more cost-effective to manage.
  • Security
    Did you realise that your printers could be the weakest link in your organisation’s network security? Older printers typically have less security protection against hacking & cyber intrusion, making them an easy ‘way in’ to your networks, putting your confidential data at risk.
  • Ease-of-Use
    New Zebra printers are designed so that knowledge about how to use one device can be transferred to another Zebra printer (be it mobile, desktop or industrial), reducing staff training times.
  • Reliability
    Are you getting the best reliability out of your printers or are they becoming out-dated and falling behind? Trading-up to new Zebra printers gives you access to Print DNA software, specifically designed to help keep your printers running reliably and smoothly.

There are a whole host of reasons why upgrading your thermal printers would benefit your business – so why not trade-up today?

Any thermal printer make or model applies – not just legacy Zebra printers – so contact BEC today to find out more about the complete range of Zebra thermal printing devices available.

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*Offer ends 31st May 2019
**Discount up to 50% dependent on product specification

Effective Dates

Start Date:
05 November 2018

End Date:
31 May 2019

Eligible Products

Industrial Printers

Desktop Printers

Mobile Printers

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