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Our Testimonials

“By implementing a new door-to-door voice solution from BEC, Horseware has improved upon its efficiency, inventory control and order processing; increasing the number of units shipped by 23% without the need for extra staff.”

David Minto, Warehouse & Retail Manager at Horseware.

“Thanks to BEC’s strong track record within the warehousing and distribution sector, we felt safe in the knowledge that they are a highly experienced one-stop-shop who would supply, manage and support IFS integration, the mobile hardware, the printers, the infrastructure and the software. I was particularly impressed with the fact that we could call BEC at all hours to receive technical assistance if required.”

Sunil Solanki, Group Infrastructure Manager at Elektron Technology.

“Along with a new electronic labelling system which enables packages to be tracked from start to finish, the voice picking solution from BEC has noticeably streamlined all processes within the warehouse. Since we deployed the system, we have seen big improvements in the number of delivery errors and have had an excellent response from our key customers.”

Tom Hamlyn, Logistics Manager at Aliaxis.

“The new solution from BEC has been a real game changer for us. Everything is now much faster and simpler in terms of our stock operations. Our paper trail has been virtually eliminated and all stock information is now instantly available at the touch of a button.”

Joe Walker, Business Systems Development Manager at Haribo.

“The new solution has quite simply transformed our warehouse applications. We now feel fully in control of our product placement, stock control and picking procedures. We have also received positive feedback from the users of the new system as they have found it easy and intuitive to use, and can definitely recognise the benefits of implementing an automated solution.”

Steve Wigley, Distribution Manager at Raleigh.

“The eSmart data capture solution from BEC allowed us to redeploy 4 people, previously tied up with data entry, into other areas of the business, whilst increasing warehouse throughput by around 20%. The improved shipping operations also enabled us to extend the shipment deadline by at least one hour, allowing customers to place next day delivery orders up until 6:00pm the previous day. The system is proving so efficient that we are considering extending this to 7:00pm, which will be a significant benefit for our customers, many of whom find it difficult to place orders during normal office hours.”

Alastair Soper, Operations Director at Hallis Hudson Ltd.

“Using the eSmart® Warehouse solution has given us the ability to scan all items at the point of despatch resulting in our order accuracy improving close to 99.95% (by volume). This has resulted in a reduction in picking errors and has prevented customers receiving the incorrect products or orders causing unnecessary costs to both us and them”.

Andrew Turner, Distribution Manager at Polyflor Ltd.

“By improving efficiency in our warehouse processes the BEC solution is giving Reynolds the ability to increase overall picking capacity, thereby allowing the business to increase the volume and variety of new business that we can adopt. …BEC’s solution is now an essential part of the operation. I’m trying to think how we would cope without it!”

Richard Calder, Head of IT at Reynolds.

“The new solution has drastically improved the way we track raw materials, whether they be ingredients or packaging, around our warehouse. We now feel fully in control of all our product placement, since the entire production process is now completely traceable. As far as BEC is concerned, we could not have asked for more. They have always been efficient and quick to respond to us, and thanks to taking the time to fully understand what we needed to gain from our new solution, they have done exactly what we asked for – and more.”

Neil Richmond, IT Manager at Kepak.

“Replacing our asset management system with Psion iKon handheld devices running software from BEC has allowed us to consolidate systems and improve the efficiency of our teams by giving them access to enhanced functionality that interacts with the site CMMS; M3.”

John Kirkbride, CMMS Implementation Manager at Sellafield Ltd.

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