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Spirit Voices Its Approval of BEC’s Efficient Warehouse Solutions

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Spirit Data Capture Limited, the independent data capture consultancy, has joined forces with BEC Systems Integration to offer customers voice-directed warehouse solutions from Vocollect.  Voice solutions can help to increase worker productivity by up to 35%, whilst reducing errors by up to 25%.


The new solutions complement a wide array of other handheld data capture solutions offered by Spirit, including mobile computers and scanners, tablets, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and mobile printers.




Voice technology works by converting tasks (sent by the Warehouse Management System to a worker’s mobile computer) into verbal commands.  Employees hear the commands on their headsets and their responses are captured by voice recognition software and translated into data that are sent back to the WMS.


The new voice-directed solutions enable warehouse personnel to have two hands free for lifting, carrying and operating equipment.  The technology eliminates the time spent using scanners, reading instructions or keying in data.  This leads to greater efficiency, higher productivity and ultimately, increased profitability.  Voice technology also increases the accuracy of the data, is very easy to use and requires little training.


Because voice-directed technology can communicate with the business host system in real time, it can therefore also interact with other warehouse functions (enabling, for instance, real time replenishment triggered by ‘shorted’ orders).  It can also connect with a company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to ensure maximum visibility of transaction data.


BEC (Systems Integration) Ltd specialises in improving supply chain performance and removing costs from businesses by applying advanced technology, delivered through its eSmart suite of products.  The company has extensive experience of implementing innovative voice technology solutions and is a Total Solutions Provider for the Vocollect range of voice products.  Its flagship voice-directed warehouse solution is eSmart® Voice.


Ebbie Khadem, Spirit’s Managing Director, says: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with BEC.  Voice technology is an important addition to the capabilities we already offer.  BEC’s eSmart® Voice and range of Vocollect solutions will enable us to offer an even wider choice of high quality products to our customers.”

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