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Hydrasun Finds Its Voice with BEC


BEC (Systems Integration) Ltd, a leading UK-based supplier of data capture solutions for supply chain logistics and manufacturing, is pleased to announce that it has recently been awarded a voice picking upgrade project with Hydrasun, a leading specialist provider of integrated fluid transfer, power and control solutions to the energy, petrochemical, marine and utilities industries worldwide.


Having previously used hand held terminals with traditional screens and keyboards running BEC’s eSmart Software in a mixed mode environment, Hydrasun identified the need for devices which were faster and more reliable, and contacted BEC to source an improved solution.


Tony Hampson, managing director at BEC, comments, “Although Hydrasun had been using voice technology for more than three years, the legacy terminals were impacting overall satisfaction levels and the need for continuous improvement as a whole. As well as implementing an upgraded voice solution on more suitable hardware devices, the upgrade has also given Hydrasun the opportunity to further streamline its picking and put-away processes.”


Hydrasun is now using the Honeywell Vocollect™ A700 Solution, which is a complete integration of voice software and voice optimised mobile devices, choosing the Honeywell Vocollect A730 mobile device with its integrated short range scanner and the Vocollect SRX2 wireless headset.


Hydrasun was particularly impressed with the built-in Vocollect TouchConnect™ technology, which allows workers to quickly pair wireless headsets to the mobile devices, thereby reducing shift start-up procedures from minutes to seconds. This integrated solution also provides other time saving features, including battery runtime remaining, allowing workers to ask the Vocollect A700 Solution when a battery change may be needed, helping them to plan when necessary and eliminate unnecessary travel time in the midst of completing an order.


Hampson explains, “Conceptually, voice-directed technology is very similar to traditional RF scanning, but prompts are delivered and responses are provided verbally to provide a hands-free, eyes-free worker experience. Operators use a compact, wearable computer with a wireless headset to receive instructions by voice. The computer is connected to the host business system over a wireless network, and the operator is able to confirm his or her actions verbally back to the system in real time. Most Vocollect Voice users report increased worker productivity by up to 35 percent, while reducing errors by up to 50 percent.”


With a proven and trusted track record in supplying and implementing voice technology within a range of warehousing and distribution centre applications, BEC is a specialist provider of future-proof and innovative Automated Data Capture solutions designed to integrate seamlessly into any host ERP system to fulfil business and commercial requirements. Its eSmart Solution has been developed with voice technology at its core, rather than as an add-on feature, allowing Hydrasun to use the benefits of voice throughout its production and distribution facility.

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