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Technology for Asset Identification

A variety of different RFID technologies are available for use in BEC’s eSmart Data Capture Solutions. BEC can assist in all stages of your RFID project, from choosing the correct type of RFID tag and reader, to seamlessly integrating the data capture functionality from the RFID hardware with your core business software.

For the tracking of high value assets in closed loop processes with real time location capabilities within your facility, we would typically propose a solution based on active UHF (Ultra High Frequency) RFID.  For lower value, high volume items we would typically recommend use of passive HF (High Frequency) disposable tags operating in the 13.56 MHz band.



Wavetrend Active RFID

Long read distance

Active RFID technology is ideal for applications where a long read range is required.

Designed to operate in harsh environments

Battery-powered active RFID technology tags transmit consistently even in environments with a high metal or water content.

High value asset protection

Robust active RFID tags perform in demanding environments, making them well suited for applications with high value assets.

Active data transmission

Active RFID tags can store and send real data, as well as functioning as real time location systems. Tags can send identifying signals at pre-programmed intervals or in response to circumstances and sensed information, such as temperature or movement.