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eSmart® Voice

Move to voice directed warehouse with eSmart® Voice to Increase productivity & accuracy across your operation.


Voice directed warehouse technology is widely proven in the Warehouse and Distribution centre. Businesses operating in a diverse range of industries have reaped the benefits of improved productivity and pick accuracy in their warehouses along with reduced training times, reduced paper/label consumption and freeing employees to work ‘hands & eyes free’ from paperwork or RF terminals.



There is no question that voice directed picking can produce impressive ROI in the correct application. If you have a fast moving picking environment, broad warehouse SKU list and more than 10 warehouse pickers then Voice Directed Technology is capable of producing ‘game changing’ results for your business.


Our eSmart® Voice directed warehouse system has the capability to communicate in real time with the business host system and, therefore, with the other warehouse functions. This means that activities such as real time replenishment triggered by ‘shorted’ orders are now a reality.


BEC’s eSmart® Voice solution links directly to your ERP system and ensures maximum visibility of transaction data. For example, through our web based dashboard tools, telesales staff can see precisely where their customer’s order is in the pick schedule, right down to individual pick lines!


Quick to learn, eSmart® Voice dramatically reduces training requirements and is ideal for warehouses or DCs with strong seasonal trends where temporary staff may be required to cover peak activity periods. eSmart® Voice can be used for a range of applications including Picking, Receiving, Putaway, Replenishment, Packing, Despatch and Quality Control.


To learn more about Voice Directed Technology and how it can help your business, visit BEC’s dedicated Voice Directed Warehouse website.


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