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eSmart® Warehouse

eSmart® Warehouse

Drive Down Costs and Automate Warehouse Operations with the
eSmart® Warehouse Data Capture Solution

Without control over inventory, it becomes increasingly challenging to meet customer orders, plan production or rotate stock effectively. BEC’s eSmart® Warehouse scanning system enables you to automate warehouse operations, streamline business processes and maximise throughput. The data capture solution provides accurate information on all warehouse processes, enabling you to increase accuracy and productivity, whilst removing cost from your business.

Warehouse Data Capture

Providing improved stock visibility, eSmart® Warehouse tracks which orders are being processed, helping you to respond to customer order enquiries in real-time. With inventory transactions fully traceable from receipt through to despatch, management can make reliable decisions based on real stock levels, reducing the need for surplus stock.

Using real-time validation of all transaction data, eSmart® Warehouse helps you manage your warehouse effectively. With additional support for performance monitoring, you can scrutinise efficiency, utilisation and productivity across the warehouse. The warehouse data capture solution uses key performance indicators so that you can even view the progress of individual pickers at any time.

Wired and Wireless Data Capture

eSmart® Warehouse eliminates administration of paperwork and improves productivity. Using rugged mobile data collection technology to automate key warehouse processes, the data capture solution enables your warehouse team to complete tasks faster and more accurately.

Integrated seamlessly into your WMS/ERP system, eSmart® Warehouse provides support for multiple warehouses. The data capture system is customisable to suit your individual business needs, so that you can meet increasing pressure from customers, competitors and lower margins.


  • Real-time data capture
  • Support for multiple warehouses
  • Increases efficiency and productivity
  • Complete audit trail of inventory transactions
  • Improves responsiveness to order processing
  • Automates warehouse processes by removing manual data entry processes
  • Greater control over stock management with accurate inventory information



  • Integration of automation equipment
  • Carousel processing: picking, put-away, stock moves and cycle count
  • Lot and serial number tracking