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eSmart® Voice WMS

eSmart® Voice WMS

Enabling Complete Door-to-Door Voice Solutions with the
Warehouse Voice Picking System, eSmart® Voice WMS

Created with fast-paced, customer-centric enterprises in mind, BEC’s warehouse management system, eSmart® Voice WMS enables everything in the warehouse to be controlled by voice technology, helping warehouses to be managed more efficiently and effectively.

Combining our proven, industry-leading eSmart® Warehouse software platform with Honeywell Vocollect voice technology, eSmart® Voice WMS delivers a powerful, scalable, flexible and dynamic voice solution designed to eliminate inefficiencies within the warehouse.

With the ability to streamline mission-critical applications whilst maximising throughput, the system provides real-time, accurate information on all warehouse processes, helping to increase accuracy and productivity whilst removing unnecessary costs from your business.

Offering a host of advantages over traditional RF scanning and paper-based picking, voice-directed technology is becoming increasingly popular within warehouses due to its proven ability to enhance the complete spectrum of warehousing processes.

As well as producing an impressive return on investment (ROI) within fast-moving warehousing environments with broad SKU lists, voice-directed technology can also help businesses increase worker productivity by up to 35 percent, whilst reducing errors by up to 50 percent.

In terms of functionality, operators use a wearable wireless computer with a headset and microphone, through which prompts are delivered and responses are provided verbally. This allows them to communicate directly with the warehouse management system (WMS) whilst working ‘hands-and-eyes-free’ unlike paper-based systems or RF terminals.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with your host business system, our Voice WMS solution offers all the benefits of voice technology whilst maintaining the underlying business logic in your host system.

Everything in the Warehouse

Voice-directed technology allows for the automation of a number of warehousing processes which have been traditionally paper, barcode or RF scanning-based.

Our Voice WMS solution is built entirely around voice technology, allowing users to experience the benefits of voice within every aspect of their warehouse.


With a proven and trusted track record in supplying and implementing voice technology within a range of warehousing and distribution centre applications, BEC is a specialist provider of voice and WMS solutions designed to integrate seamlessly into any host ERP system to fulfil business and commercial requirements.

Having achieved ‘Platinum Total Solution Provider’ status with Honeywell Vocollect, the leaders in voice-enabled technology, our solution has been designed with best-of-breed Honeywell Vocollect Voice at its core, rather than as an add-on.

This means that users can enjoy a fully-optimised voice experience throughout their warehousing facility, helping them to enhance and improve upon their mission-critical processes and applications.