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eSmart® Proof of Delivery

eSmart® Proof of Delivery

Get reliable and accurate proof of delivery and collection with BEC’s eSmart® Proof of Delivery

BEC’s eSmart Point of Delivery (ePoD) software application is a powerful solution for any company that is involved (either partly or wholly) in distribution. It is ideal whether you are delivering your own product or someone else’s items.

Available as an off-the-shelf solution, the software can be tailored to suit the needs of your business thanks to its fully customisable modular format.

Modules include:

Warehousing – eSmart ePoD enables the booking of goods into a predetermined location in the warehouse. Operatives use a handheld device to pick items and load them into a van, with the application showing expected vs. actual quantities on a vehicle

Vehicle Inspections – eSmart ePoD leads the operator through checks to ensure that the vehicle is fit for use, with available reports to prove regulation compliance

Task Management – eSmart ePoD enables the configuration of routes, drivers and vehicles, using GPS for location and route planning, as well as task scheduling

Deliveries – eSmart ePoD provides reliable and accurate proof of delivery and collection, enabling signature and image capture in order to resolve any customer or invoice queries quickly

Return to Depot – when items are returned to the depot, they are booked off the vehicle via the eSmart ePoD application

Customer Surveys – eSmart ePoD can also be used to obtain feedback from customers

eSmart Proof of Delivery Solution

Designed to be device and operating system-agnostic, eSmart ePoD is loaded onto each handheld terminal. Using Wi-Fi and/or GPRS to communicate directly with our hosted server, eSmart ePoD provides near real-time updates to the server and dashboard.

Offering easy integration into most third-party systems including Microsoft Dynamics AX/NAV, Oracle, Infor, SAP and IFS, eSmart ePoD’s modular configuration can be tailored to suit customers’ exact needs and requirements, providing a host of benefits including:

  • Reliable proof of delivery and collection information in near real-time
  • Reduction in human error
  • Accurate reporting to resolve invoice disputes
  • Easy integration with existing host systems