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BEC Strikes Gold with Honeywell’s Vocollect Solutions

8528209089_04f0cab108_zBEC (Systems Integration) Ltd, a leading supplier of data capture solutions for supply chain logistics and manufacturing, has achieved Honeywell’s Vocollect™ Gold Total Solution Provider (TSP) Status. This comes just 18 months after BEC was awarded Silver TSP Status.


With a proven and trusted track record in supplying and implementing voice technology within a range of warehousing and distribution centre applications, the new TSP status represents a renewed accolade for BEC in terms of the impressive and innovative product picking solutions it has created with voice technology at their core.


Philip Jarrett, Director of Sales & Marketing at BEC, explains, “Conceptually, voice-directed picking is very similar to traditional RF scanner picking, but prompts are delivered and responses are provided by spoken word. Voice solutions can help businesses increase worker productivity by up to 35 percent, whilst reducing errors by up to 50 percent.”


In a voice-directed warehouse system, operators use a compact, wearable computer with a headset to receive instructions by voice. The computer is connected to the host business system (ERP or WMS) over a wireless network, and the operator is able to confirm his or her actions verbally back to the system in real time.


Jarrett continues, “For many years now, BEC has realised the benefits of voice technology in terms of allowing workers to operate hands and eyes free, particularly in fast-moving picking environments. We are extremely proud of our eSmart® Voice-directed warehouse solution, in which Honeywell’s Vocollect Solutions play a pivotal part. It is extremely satisfying to receive recognition for all our hard work and pioneering product development within this sector in the form of Silver and now Gold TSP Status.”


Honeywell’s Vocollect Solutions provides industry-leading voice-based solutions for mobile workers worldwide. With an overall vision of helping clients to improve business performance with voice, Honeywell’s Vocollect Solutions allows almost one million workers worldwide to distribute goods with increased accuracy, productivity and speed.


Darrel Williams, Regional Director Northern Europe and South Africa for Honeywell’s Vocollect Solutions, concludes; “BEC continues to impress. Since we started working together 18 months ago they have continually demonstrated key values to their customers through their adoption of Honeywell’s Vocollect Solutions. These include their logistics and systems knowledge, and total commitment to delivering additional value. The drive, enthusiasm and total capability BEC regularly provides to new and existing clients, as well as the increasing levels of sales of Vocollect Voice™ software solutions, makes the award of Gold Partner status well deserved. We consider this an obvious next step, as BEC continues to be a leader in delivering voice-derived benefits to the market.”    

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