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APEX Automated Lockers for storing data capture hardware

BEC Secures Partnership with Apex Supply Chain Technologies

APEX Automated Lockers for storing data capture hardwareBEC (Systems Integration) Ltd, a UK-based supplier of automated data capture and voice solutions for the supply chain, logistics and manufacturing industries, has formed a partnership with Apex Supply Chain Technologies® Ltd., a market-leading manufacturer of secure automated locker solutions.

Self-serve, automated lockers from Apex are intelligent, Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices and are designed specifically for warehouse environments. These environments require employees to check out, check in and recharge a range of mission-critical mobile devices, including POS/barcode scanners, radios, laptops and tablets, as well as tools and other equipment.

Each of its solutions relies on the Apex Trajectory Cloud.™ This secure, cloud-based platform allows for device tracking in real-time. This dramatically reduces the cost of equipment repair and replacement, while increasing employee productivity.

Julian Adams, CEO of Apex, explains, “Many businesses today invest tens of thousands of pounds in mobile devices. Tracking their location is crucial to enable the smooth flow of transactions throughout a facility. When these mission-critical assets go missing, aren’t charged or are discovered broken, workflow and throughput are disrupted whilst unnecessary costs accumulate. Our automated locker solutions optimise the management of these devices, providing 24/7 device visibility in real time. And by knowing who is using the devices, where and for how long, employee accountability is established.”

Eliminating wasted “walk and wait” time due to dead batteries and searching for lost and misplaced devices, self-serve, automated locker solutions from Apex are easy to set up thanks to their in-built Connect n’ Go™ technology, which allows easy installation within minutes.

Philip Jarrett, Director of Sales and Marketing at BEC concludes, “We are extremely pleased to have added Apex’s range of self-serve, automated lockers to our comprehensive range of supply chain solutions. They complement our offering perfectly and we very much look forward to showcasing them to our customer base in the near future.”



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