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Customer Service

Customer Service

Project Assurance and Solution Support

Integrating data capture systems tailored to your business

Investing in a new system is always a daunting process and all too often, what you have paid for is not always what your business needs. The standard, off-the-shelf packages that are available can be expensive and provide no real benefit to your business or workforce. As a result, you may face the additional expense of outsourcing experts to modify the solution.

From initial consultation and feasibility study, through to design, implementation and after sales support, BEC offers the complete package. BEC’s experienced staff will guide you through the full project lifecycle, from planning to project management, wireless site surveys and hardware selection.

Specialising in integration for Infor M3, SAP, IFS and Oracle ERP, BEC’s solutions support your whole organisation, giving you peace of mind and a rapid return on investment.

To find out how BEC can make the transition to your new automated data capture system smoother, contact BEC today or view our data capture case studies.

Maintenance and Servicing with BEC’s Solution Support

Customer orders to fulfil, fast moving production and no room for downtime?

In an ideal world, all new hardware and software systems should work perfectly all the time, however on the occasion that something stops working, the effects can reduce productivity and efficiency.

Whatever its cause, downtime can affect the whole organisation. It can impact your ability to fulfil customer orders, it can create a backlog in production or even prevent your workforce from continuing their tasks. Not only do you have to worry about getting your system or hardware back online without delay, you need to protect your organisation against further occurrences.

BEC’s consultative approach and strong industry knowledge mean that we deliver high quality solutions made up of the very latest ‘best-of-breed’ products, software and services, designed to provide minimal disruption to on-going daily routines.

BEC is fully equipped to offer a full range of service and support for new, existing or legacy ERP, WMS, MRP and IT infrastructures, helping our customers to keep their production lines moving and business processes flowing.